Our worldwide ecclesia is diverse, and we hope to reach even those in isolation in the furthest corners of the earth, so the offers of support are divided into ‘material’ and ‘moral’.

Moral support is shown by an ecclesia or individual who follows the project, tells others of it and prays for its success. No more would be expected, for example, of those affected by NZ earthquake, or by US Sandy storm or ecclesias in affliction and poverty.

Material support is not required now. If there is support from 50 ecclesias Stage One will proceed.
The Gush Etzion Foundation has offered to plan the project in good faith with no funding input from us just yet. Planning costs are covered already by an initial donation. If Stage One proceeds, if our Lord has not returned, and God willing planning approvals are obtained perhaps a collection would be taken in September (for October hand over).

The target is 200 ecclesias materially supporting the project, as at that level of support it becomes a building that many may say they collectively have a part in.

Initial support by Newcastle Ecclesia Australia, whose AB’s oversee what is done (Newcastle website).
Funding immediately offered by Charlestown Ecclesia – Australia
Kitchener-Waterloo – Canada
Hamilton-Ancaster -Canada
Cabramatta – Australia
Trevallyn (Tas) Ecclesia -Australia
Johannesburg Ecclesia – South Africa
Glasgow Kelvin Ecclesia- United Kingdom
Caloundra – QLD- Australia

Individual Material Support
G&L MR- Newcastle, AUS
G&J J – Newcastle, AUS
Many – Charlestown, AUS
DG – Cumbria, UK
HWJ – Queensland, USA
LF – Gloucestershire, UK
M&M S- Bay of Islands, NZ
JsS – Queensland, AUS
WC – Nanango, Queensland, AUS
A&F P- New Plymouth, NZ

The Bible Magazine

Moral support
Bayswater Ecclesia – “We wish you well with your project”
Boolaroo, at this stage

May everything be done God willing with consideration of ‘the operation of the LORD’s Hands (Psa 28:5), and that these Jewish people we would be helping are being unnecessarily cursed

That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, LORD, hast done it. (Psalm 109:27)

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