NEW- Work to help young French Jewish Refugees at Sde Bar

We were asked if the work at Masuot Yitzhak was to help children by a Recorder. We had thought we were finished, but I asked if there was anything yet to be done. Well it so happened that hot off the press was a NEW work as result of the events in France! – For late teens.

It’s a sunny Shabbat day. A young boy is walking home from the synagogue, and is attacked as he passes through the alleyways of Nice in southern France. His life is saved by passers-by. That boy was me – Natan Ben-Elbaz. Right then I decided to do something. I made Aliya, alone, at the age of 14. Today I am among the founders of the Tikva-Pro program for French immigrant Jewish youth at risk in Israel.

The Tikva-Pro program
In the wake of recent terror attacks in Paris and Toulouse, and of rising levels of antisemitism throughout France, there has been a steep rise in Aliya from France. Among the immigrants are hundreds of Jewish youth who arrive in Israel alone, do not speak Hebrew, and have not acquired the skills needed to build their lives in Israel.

Our solution, Tikva-Pro, is an absorption program tailored specifically to the needs of French immigrants. It is housed in the community of Sde-Bar in Gush Etzion, located just 10 minutes away from Jerusalem. The community’s 40 families are committed to “adopting” the program, providing a pleasant and homely atmosphere for the youth.

Tikva-Pro helps hundreds of French Jewish youth (aged 17-24) at risk, to overcome their personal challenges and to become productive fully integrated Israeli citzens.
The program includes:
• Development of a sense of capability and responsibility
• Occupational training, including construction, computers, agriculture and more.
• Instruction in Hebrew and exposure to Jewish and Israeli heritage.

Sde Bar - 10 minutes from Jerusalem

Sde Bar – 10 minutes from Jerusalem

Be our partners!
In order to absorb the hundreds of participants, Sde-Bar needs upgrading. By supporting the TIkva-Pro program, you will play a key role in rebuilding the lives of hundreds of youth in crisis who want to start their lives anew in the land of their forefathers.

The program is being partially funded by: Israel Experience (a daughter company of the Jewish Agency), the Prime Minister’s Office, and MASA Israel Journey, a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Partnership and support for Tikva-Pro Dormitories (Stage 1)
Upgrading, renovation and equipment for existing “caravans”, to create residences for 35 participants and staff NIS 350,000

Caravans at Sde Bar

Caravans at Sde Bar

Link to Donate

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