Miracle?: Two Olive Trees in Israel

If there is only one witness, who may believe? If there is two who are reliable then a matter may be established. Zechariah saw two olive trees, to stand by the Lord in all the earth. For 2,000 years two persecuted minorities have carried with them the Word of God containing the Promises, and held it precious, and both have been sent to every nation on earth.

As we all know from the scripture, even kings are directed, how much more so the lives of Yahweh’s servants? Doors have opened that we may build in Gush Etzion in Israel and a path made clear. But was the initial idea really of Yahweh Elohim or of my will? It is to be noted none of us so far involved care our name to be on it, if it is to happen it is of Yahweh and it is Christadelpian.

So I have asked earnestly in prayer, and have since the beginning asked others to ask for a second witness (Newcastle Ecclesia at the beginning was asked to pray for a leader, as another witness).

Recently I asked in prayer specifically for someone nearby, who had it in their heart to build in Israel. I asked that they be male. Someone who had been prepared. I asked that they be sent to the Northern Combined Weekend, as an annual event, it often draws people.

Back a step, right at the beginning when the door first opened, last year I contacted the recorder of the Ecclesia in Israel, Bro. Michael. He asked that if anything be done it be done for the ecclesia. He saw a need for a place where the few people of the ecclesia could meet the groups of brethren & sisters who come on tours. This is often needed. Also the more affluent are encouraged to travel to Israel to understand the land from the scripture. At the time we were proposing a hostel for Jewish aliyah. It is to be noted Bro. Michael and his family made aliyah, and, it was in Israel that he came in contact with the Christadelpians. Bro. Michael’s father also is baptised and he is an engineer. As an architect, I promised that if they had an idea and a site I would help them design a building. I said also that as I was to send out to all the ecclesia that if and when they had a plan I would work on their behalf, as they could not afford a hall. I do 3d drawings for a synagogue in Efrat gladly for free and I give my services for virtually free to local charity, how much more so to the brotherhood?

Now Sunday June 19 as we read in our daily readings, these were my notes taken before I went to the memorial meeting at the Combined Northern Ecclesial weekend. From Judges, Israel wept for Benjamin, and called to them peaceably (or extended the hand of fellowship) at the rock Rimmon. In Hebrew Hadah Rimmon. This is mentioned by Zechariah. We read also Isaiah 43

“O Israel fear not. I have called thee by name. I give men for thee and people for thy life. fear not I will bring they seed from the east and gather them from the west .. my sons and daughters from the ends of the earth. Everyone called by my name. I have created him for my glory. I will work and who shall hinder it Thus saith Yahweh which makes a way in the sea. I will do a new thing I will make a way in the wilderness. This people I have formed, they shall show forth my praise. but thou has not called on me O Jacob”

John 2/3 “Look to yourselves that we loose not those things which we have wrought. .. I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth.”

Thus “I do a new thing..I will make a way in the wilderness.” But my prayer was for a prepared heart, someone who had already loved Israel and thought to do work there.

I didn’t ask around for someone who was thinking this. When I was speaking about the ensign project generally to a group, bro Gary Hindmarsh was nearby. I explained the project to Bro Gary. He said said, ‘you must talk to bro Luke Joseph.’ He took me across to introduce me.

I do not remember meeting bro. Luke Joseph before and he did not recognise me. Bro Luke’s idea as I understand it from our conversation is to work for part of the year in Israel filling contracts for the roads for weed control.
….A road is ‘a way.’
He hopes to buy a house through a loan in Israel so he may have a place to store his trucks and stay. But his idea is that the loan be helped by offering cheap accommodation to Christadelphians, including tour groups, staying there. Now the idea clearly fits very well with what would be very useful now for the Israeli ecclesia. One can see how a larger house with a large living room gives a good base for memorial meetings. Bro.Luke needs a central location, as does the ecclesia, as they come from all over Israel to meet. He did not use the word hostel but that would work best. A house may be easily converted to a hostel by putting keyed locks on the bedrooms, adding a decent sized fridge and adding an extra bathroom. These are costs, but minor ones.

If I did not personally know bro Luke before, he did not know of Bro. Michael! Through our contact and Ensign, Bro Luke’s way is prepared.

But at this stage bro. Luke needs to know the scope of Ecclesial support or in other words “would brethren & sisters come and stay?”

My prayer was answered, but in a very interesting way. Being flexible, this idea makes sense to take on board.

There is one point. I don’t say where, and will never say, as it is up to the brethren involved, but put a mark on the map and locate the centre of Israel’s whole road system…
Also what are we asked by our Lord to do?

And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. (Mark 13:37)

In Hebrew word for watch (or guard) as in “My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning” (Psa 130:6) is shamar, from which comes the Hebrew place nameShomron comes meaning “lookout”. Shomron is also known as Samaria.

I say nothing yet but I put this on record, as Bro Luke spoke of this area as ‘Palestinian’ despite the fact he must know that the Philistines were only ever in the Gaza area and despite the fact that after 1948 and before 1967 the area was ‘occupied’ by Jordan and it was ‘not recognised’ internationally. Bro Michael would not build on ‘the disputed’ side of the security wall. My witness is that when I was ill, my healing began after I asked, even pleaded tearfully in prayer that I see the Security Wall in Israel come down. I prayed as I saw the time nearing and I believed literally Ezekiel 38 would be fulfilled. At present the whole of the area known as the ‘mountains of Israel’ – which are to be without bars and gates and in security in Ezekiel’s prophecy – has a population living within gates and there is this massive wall that can seen as a mark on the landscape from space called a ‘security barrier’ about them! It’s only a recent addition, and clearly Gog will make the comment that it is gone for the reason it is remarkable that it is gone…

Possibly God willing, if our Lord delays there may be shortly be two witnesses on the mountains of Israel, if the ecclesia understands this way made in the wilderness. One will watch and warn the world, and the others are called to show for the praise.

Prayers were answered. Please note the aim is to help and observe. Due to health reasons I don’t expect ever personally either see this work or travel to Israel. I expect it to cost me a lot, and give no personal benefit. Why do I do this, when it is not for me? Take the time to ask me. hej@ensignproject.com

“Men were not ushered into being for the purpose of being saved or lost! God manifestation not human salvation was the great purpose of the Eternal Spirit. The salvation of a multitude is incidental to the manifestation, but was not the end proposed. The Eternal Spirit intended to enthrone Himself on the earth, and in so doing, to develop a Divine family from among men, every one of whom shall be Spirit, because born of the Spirit, and that this family shall be large enough to fill the earth, when perfected, to the entire exclusion of flesh and blood (1 Cor. 15:28).” bro. John Thomas, Herald Of The Kingdom, 1858, pp. 84-85

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